About Routable

Routable is a low-friction solution for businesses that want to streamline their B2B payables processes. Routable can help business teams automate once time-consuming tasks like vendor onboarding, payments, and settlements. Routable also syncs with popular accounting software, so businesses can quickly integrate across platforms and easily scale payments from 100 to 100,000+.

The Challenge Routable Faced

Routable was experiencing difficulties scaling their Google Ads account. Before TNT Growth was brought on board Routable had been working with another PPC agency and struggled to meet its growth goals. TNT Growth was able to help Routable reduce its Cost/SAL by 30% and increase the volume of SAL by 3,000%!

The TNT Solution

What Routable Says About Working with TNT

“Don’t cut corners when it comes to your paid marketing campaigns. Work with experts who know what they are doing. Running PPC campaigns with an expert is like eating dinner at a world-renowned fine dining restaurant. Running PPC campaigns without an expert is like eating a microwaved frozen dinner. It pays to go for quality!”

Neeharika Nagisetty

VP of Marketing & Routable

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