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The first phase we call discovery. We bone up on where a brand has been, where it is today and where it is going. We survey the competitive landscape. Gather customer insights. Uncover things not easily visible.


This is a brand's Declaration of Independence. Telling the world what separates your brand from all others. It is the document that defines the brand and the statement that all work must ladder up to. It also keeps all brand


The next step is mulling things over and boiling things down to a compact portable strategic message. Short. Sweet. To the point. We call this definition.

Passionate Expression

The fourth step is heating things up. We call this passionate expression. This is where creativity takes form. Since there is never only one answer in creating a branding message. More than one execution will be developed and explored.



The final step. Fine tune the creative. Tighten any loose ends. Then light a match and ignite our new brand to the world.