About Impress

If you were a teenager before the 90s, or maybe if you caught the Brady Bunch on Nick at Night, you remember the painful metal mouth that was once required to straighten teeth. Fortunately, these days there’s an alternative. Impress clear aligners are the treatment recommended by orthodontists to straighten smiles in an easy, discreet, and comfortable way. Impress is Europe’s #1 chain of orthodontic clinics in Europe present in 9 countries and more than 130 cities. Impress recently expanded to the United States and has locations in 4 cities.

The Challenge Impress Faced

Before partnering with TNT Growth, the team at Impress was having difficulties making the Google Ads account profitable at scale. Impress needed to increase its Customer volume while reducing Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC). In addition, Impress was heavily reliant on Meta for paid acquisition and needed to diversify.

The TNT Solution

What Impress Says About Working with TNT

“Invest in a professional marketing agency that has experience with Google Ads, focuses on data-driven decision-making, continuously monitor and adjusts campaigns, and always continues testing. TNT Growth has clear expertise in Google Ads, they have proven results, they are extremely data-driven, and they are fun to chat with. I 100% recommend them, and I will hire them again on future projects at different companies.”

Amanda Salinas

CMO & Impress

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